2010-12-14 19:24:42 by Wowbagger


Redprick is coming back!

2008-08-11 08:47:04 by Wowbagger

I just noticed that a Google search for Redprick shows this page as the first hit so I thought I had better change the news post!
Redprick has found a new website man and with him, new space within the tubes!
We're coming back on the 'net!

Also, in order to keep this at the top of google, here are some links for the crawlers to pick up

So, Redprick got taken down...

2007-08-05 13:35:48 by Wowbagger

Nobody's favourite news website, redprick.co.uk, had its hosting taken away by is.a.geek.net.
Fair enough: I had been stealing the server for years without paying them. They are demanding that I do pay them, but then, what are they going to do? Send a crack INTERNET DEFENCE FORCE after me?
What will that be composed of, exactly?
Star Wars Kid flailing wildly with a plastic toy, an Optimus Prime Furry hybrid cosplay WoW addict throwing mountain dew, Ted Stevens with his tubes and Bauman with his dreaded watermarks?
Bollocks to that, so I'm afraid it's game over until I'm drunk and/or delusional enough to pay £30 p.a. for another host.